A Fresh Take on Traditional Dentistry

Our Swanton dental clinic is dedicated to providing the very best care. What we hear from our new patients is that they had no idea visiting our Swanton dental practice could be such an easy, enjoyable experience. Simply meeting expectations just isn’t our style; we exceed expectations at every turn. From our outgoing team to the inviting environment to our skilled, experienced dentists, our patients can anticipate an experience unlike any dental appointment they’ve had before.

Patient Amenities

We understand that patients of all ages can be apprehensive about visiting the local dentist office. Some patients may require relaxing music. Some are best distracted by a friendly team member chatting with them throughout the visit. Others may do best with our overhead TVs ready to go with their favorite show. At our family dental clinic, our team members are experts at finding just the right combination to get patients comfortable. We have a wide range of amenities available including noise-canceling headphones, enjoyable music, nitrous oxide and even separate TVs for entertainment and education. Our Swanton dental clinic is also equipped with air purifiers in every room to put your mind at ease.

Our Insurance Specialists are Here to Help

Navigating your insurance coverage can be challenging; that’s where our insurance specialists come in. Your typical family dental clinic may not offer to work with your insurance provider, but we’re not your average local dentist office. We want to ensure that you receive the maximum insurance benefits that your coverage allows. Our insurance specialists are experienced in dealing with a variety of insurance plans so no question is too big or small. Ultimately, no matter what your coverage is, our team will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your budget.