Dental Fillings in Swanton, OH


Tooth decay is a common problem among both children and adults. Your dentist will typically recommend dental fillings as treatment when a cavity develops. Here’s what you should know about tooth fillings before scheduling your appointment at Believe Dental Care of Swanton. 

Overview of Tooth Fillings

A cavity is a small hole in the tooth caused when harmful bacteria in your mouth create acids that attack the tooth enamel. If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause pain, infection, and eventual tooth loss. 

We remove the decayed tooth tissue and fill the space with a filling material to repair a cavity using composite resin fillings. At our Swanton, OH dental practice, we use composite resin to fill teeth. 

The composite resin material is increasingly used to fill teeth because it is durable, resists fractures, and can be used on either front or back teeth without compromising your smile’s appearance. They also bond to the tooth better than metal fillings, helping to reinforce the damaged tooth.

Cavity Treatment Process

Here’s what you can expect when you come in for your dental filling procedure at Believe Dental Care of Swanton. 

  • Local anesthetic to numb the area: Using a local anesthetic, the dentist will numb the area around the tooth in need of treatment. The numbing ensures that you’ll be comfortable throughout the procedure. 
  • Decay removal: We will remove the decay using a high-powered handpiece. Next, we’ll prepare the filling space by cleaning it of any stray debris or bacteria. If the decay is near the root, we may first put a liner made of glass ionomer, composite resin, or other material to protect the nerve.
  • Composite filling applied and hardened: Finally, with the space cleared of decay, we can start the filling. The composite resin material is used in layers and hardened. Once the application is complete, we will shape the material into its proper form, clear away any extra bits, and polish it to look like your natural tooth.

Is Getting a Cavity Painful?

Not at all! Our doctors administer local anesthesia and will communicate with you throughout the cavity treatment to make sure that you are comfortable.

How Long Does Getting a Cavity Filled Take?

The length of your appointment depends on how many fillings you need and how many teeth are being treated. Generally, having a cavity filled takes an hour or less. However, a more extensive filling or multiple fillings could take longer. Once your filling appointment is scheduled, we will be able to tell you how long it will take.

Can I Drive Myself Home After a Filling?

Absolutely, the dental filling procedure is quick and easy. The only reason to have somebody come with you is if you would like the company.

Dental Filling Cost

The cost of a dental filling varies depending on the tooth’s location, the size of the filling, and the filling material. Dental insurance often covers a portion of this cost.

Dental Fillings at Believe Dental Care of Swanton 


If you are suffering from a toothache, sensitivity, bad breath, or other symptoms of a cavity or tooth damage, our dentists can examine you to determine if a dental filling is the best treatment plan. Contact us today to schedule an appointment today.